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Unlimited tea, coffee and drinking water are included. The plate of fresh fruits is provided daily. There is a mini bar, the price list on the fridge.

Our staff will be happy to cook for you.
If you pay for the meals for the whole period of stay - $15 per person per day

Breakfast: USD 4,00 per person

1. Banana pancake
2. Two eggs (any style)
3. Cereals with milk
4. Oatmeal
5. Apple Cinnamon Roll (with raisins)
All meals are served with a plate of fresh fruits

Lunch: USD 6,00 per person

1. Prawn avocado Salad
2. Thousand Island Salad
3. Caesar salad
4. Root Salad
5. Mixed Green Salad

6. Creamy Potato Soup
7. Vegetable soup
8. Noodle soup
9. Tomato soup
10. Bakso (Indonesian soup with chicken balls)

Light Meals:
11. Spring Rolls(Lumpia) (served with sweet and sour sauce)
12. Sandwich (served with French fries)
13. Jaffle (ham, cheese, tomato)
14. Fish Tortillas
15. Chicken Fajitas
16. Gado-gado (mixed steamed vegetables topped with peanut sauce. Served with a boiled egg)
17. Cap Cai (stir fried vegetables)
18. 19. Fish Tacos
19. Tuna Rolls
20. Spaghetti Carbonara/Marinara/Basil Pesto

Dinner: USD 9,00 per person

1. Nasi Goreng (fried rice special with fish, chicken or pork, egg)
2. Mie Goreng (fried noodles special with fish, chicken or pork, egg)
3. Sate stick (chicken, fish or shrimp sate).
4. Balinese fish (Pepes ikan) Fish fillet cooked in banana leaf with Balinese spices.*
5. Balinese chicken (Ayam Betutu)
6. Grilled fish/chicken.
7. Stir fry (chicken and vegetables).
8. Kare ayam (chicken curry)
9. Chicken sweet sour
10. Thai fish curry
11. Supreme chicken (fry chicken served with potato wedges and green vegetables creamy mushrooms)
12. Chicken "Sambal Mata"
13. Babi Guling (balinese pork)
14. Chicken pieces (Ayam Suir)
15. Sweet Temper (Temper manis) - pressed soya beans
16. Tofu in seaweed grass
17. Tom (steamed chicken or fish wrapped in banana leaf)
18. Tuna Black Pepper Noodle
19. Hawaiian Tuna
20. Chicken Farmegiana (chicken breast stuffed with bacon)
21. Barbeque Chicken Roll
22. Steam Fish Soya
23. Spinach Prawn

The meals can be served with rice or potato (mashed, garlic potato or potato wedges).
After all dinner meals the surprise dessert is served